I LOVE posting what my workout is going to be, or was, on Workout Mondays! I hope it inspires you to either try it yourself or give any of the exercises a try. So here is what I will be doing later today!

1a. Bodyweight Explosive Step Up – 12 reps/leg (drive your following leg up, this should be a quick movement getting your heart rate up)
1b. T-Pushup – 12 reps (perform a regular pushup, then as you come up go into a side plank on your hand, repeat with another pushup and then go into a side plank on your other hand)
1c. Plank with 1-Leg Up – 30 seconds/leg (regular plank on forearms, lift 1 leg up and hold for 30 seconds, then switch)

2a. Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat – 12 reps/leg (back foot is up on a bench or step, front foot is out a couple of feet from bench, squat, making sure your front knee doesn’t come back your ankle)
2b. Row + Fly Combo – 12 reps/move (bend at hips, back straight, row weights up, bring back to start and then perform a reverse fly, both together equals 1 rep)
2c. Side Plank Dips – 15 reps/side (in a side plank on your forearm, dip hips down and back up)

3a. Deadlift w/ Bicep Curl & Shoulder Press – 12 reps (perform a deadlift, as you stand, curl weights and then press overhead)
3b. Front + Lat Raise Combo – 12 reps/move (stand upright, perform a front raise and bring weights back to start, then perform a lat raise, go back and forth between the moves)
3c. Leg lift + Crunch – 15 reps (lie on back, feet towards ceiling and hands behind your head, lower legs to 45 degrees or lower if you can, as you bring then back up, crunch your upper body towards your legs)

4a. 1-Leg Hip Ext – 12 reps/leg (lie on back, 1 leg straight in air, other leg bent at knee with foot flat on the floor, push through the heel on the floor bringing your hips up as high as you can)
4b. 1-Leg Tricep Ext – 8 reps/leg (stand on 1 leg, perform an overhead tricep extension for amount of reps shown, then repeat on other leg)
4c. Russian Twist with Weight – 20 reps (balance on butt, feet off ground — you can drop one or both heels if you need to — twist torso to right and to left; right and left = 1 rep)


Enjoy :)

Your trainer,




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