Hey guys! Me again!

I have discovered some AWESOME snack foods! Have you ever heard of Buddy Fruits?

You can get them in blended fruit, smoothies, or fruit bites! The fruit bites are just like gummy snacks…but even better for you. Just in the pack above there was only 95 calories!! To make the Raspberry Pure Fruit Bites they combined 7.2oz of fresh apple and 4.2oz of fresh raspberries! The sugars come from the natural sugars found in fruit.

There is also:

- no dairy
– no artificial flavorings
– no preservatives
– no colorings
– no genetic modifications

If you are looking for a creative way to eat fruit, try these out. They are delicious…and shocker…I found them at Sheetz :) I didn’t want to eat something unhealthy (and there is a lot of unhealthy choices there…) and I discovered these!! Give them a look at their website and “like” them on Facebook.

Enjoy, and have a fantastic Tuesday!
Your trainer,


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