I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far, and enjoying the warm weather (it’s so nice here in VA).

The pools are open and instead of just sitting out and lounging around the pool…why don’t you take advantage of the water and do a pool workout?? Below I have some great exercises you can do in the pool to guarantee you a great workout (and you can do these in no particular order).

1. Pushups – place hands on side of pool, body in the pool and lower your chest to ledge and press back up
2. Squats – in shallow end, raise hands overhead to increase difficulty
3. Walking lunges – in shallow end, walk the width of the pool
4. High knees – again, in the shallow end
5. Jumping squats – in shallow end
6. Running – run from one end to the other
7. Leg kicks – hold onto the edge of the pool, back facing up, alternate kicking legs. The weight of the water will give you great resistance. You should feel this in your glutes!
8. Swimming laps – tried and true…this is a fantastic workout!!

Enjoy and have a great workout!

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