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No Excuses

Hi everyone! How have yall been? I can’t believe it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I’ll certainly try better to be on here, but I want to catch everyone up on what I’ve been up to since I’ve last posted!



So in the beginning of September, I was on a team for a new competition series, Battle of the Sexes. I’ve done a few SuperFit competitions, and love that series of competition…always challenging and fun. For the Battle of the Sexes, I was on an all female team. I really enjoyed it, and it was the FIRST time going RX. Yup…you heard me. We went straight up RX :) We actually decided to go RX last minute…like at 6am that morning. We got the workouts and we could’ve easily got on the podium for the scaled division, but we decided we wanted more of a challenge. I honestly wasn’t worried about the weights at all, but we had to do a skill that none of us had ever done in competition before: HANDSTAND WALKS! My friend and I were the only ones on our team that could “sort of” do them. And honestly, I am SO happy we decided on RX because it was an experience I would never forget.


We had three goals when we entered the RX competition: 1) not to die, 2) not get last place, and 3) to beat a guys team (in this competition series, we battled guys against girls, there were no separate divisions for males and females). I am proud to say we succeeded at all three! Certainly didn’t die, we DID NOT come in last place, and we BEAT a guys team! YAY!

For now though, I’m taking a break from competing. Want to give my body a break from a crazy workout schedule. I’m glad though…this fall has been especially busy with weddings, travel, and various other things jam-packed on my schedule. I am still working out at my gym, which I LOVE and will never leave ha! But I’m making room for listening to my body and relaxing if I want to relax.



I started a new personal business website, and I encourage ANYONE from ANYWHERE who wants help to please look at it. I can help you with personal training, one-on-one or in groups. I can help with nutrition analysis, and I can create personalized workouts for you if we don’t live close to each other! With that, I also created business cards, so I’m hoping I can really get something going eventually. I am still doing corporate fitness training…been there for 6 years now, but want to start venturing out on my own too to see what else I can do. I love helping out people reach their fitness goals.

Check out my new website here:



With my schedule being super busy this fall, I’ve been trying to get my workouts in no matter what I have going on. A lot of times my schedule hasn’t matched up with the schedule of classes at my gym, so instead of using that as an excuse to NOT workout, I am working out at work or at home (or anywhere I may be). I have been able to take the programming from my gym and do the workouts at work after my shift or in our garage gym at home. I’m still hitting my percentages of my maxes on all my lifts. At work I can do pretty much everything. I have limited weights at work and the only lift I can’t do is deadlifts at home since my max is just so freakin high ;) I kid, but I can do everything at home for the most part. My new hashtag on Instagram has been #noexcuses. I just want to make sure that no matter what, YOU can work out wherever with whatever you have. Like I said, I’ve been able to hit some great workouts in my home gym and at work, but I am actually sitting in a hotel room as I type this, and just this morning I checked out the hotel gym…and OH MY GOSH…2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, and medicine balls. It looked like it was a closet turned into a weight room…all of the equipment was being used too. I decided to go upstairs back to my room and kick my butt  with an awesome superset workout that I created. Want to know what I did? Of course right?! Ha…it’s below:


1a. Plie squat with calf raise – 15 reps
1b. Tricep pushup with glute kickback – 10 reps

2a. 1-leg deadlift – 15 reps/leg
2b. Side plank with leg abductions – 10 reps/side

3a. Downward dog push-ups – 10 reps
3b. Russian twists – 30 seconds

4a. Dips – 15 reps
4b. Supermans – 15 reps

5a. Lunge jumps – 30 seconds
5b. Mountain climbers + plank jack combo – 30 seconds

**I did three sets of everything

Again, I could’ve EASILY just gone back to bed after breakfast, but I remembered my own hashtag, #noexcuses. I was dressed and ready to workout and I knew there was NO WAY I could just unchanged and get back into bed. I just cleared a space on the floor and got to work. After I was done with my workout, I ended up doing a good vinyasa yoga flow too to help stretch out and unwind. What an amazing way to cool down too. (And then I took a nap! LOL!)



I want to create a brand new competition for everyone who reads my blog. I think yall deserve it ;) But I want your feedback! Please reply to this post either on this site, on facebook, or my new website with what you want to see. I have fun prizes I can give away (hint hint…Oakley sunglasses and gym bags!).

I want to combine aspects of fitness, nutrition, and mind/body. So completing workouts, creating your own workouts to submit, yoga workouts, recipes you can try or submit, etc. What do you think? What do you want to see?


Anyway, I hope everyone is doing super well. I’m happy to be back! :)

Your trainer,

Be healthy. Feel alive.







I have been meaning to write a post about Crossfit & yoga for WEEKS now. Life’s been crazy lately, between work, working out, yoga, and finding my own personal life in between…it’s been hard for me to find time to write here every day! (Side note: I’m trying to dedicate an hour a day to this blog, whether it’s posting, or drafting posts, or researching new ideas, or reorganizing the site…)

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that I dove in head-first to CrossFit and have been enjoying competing. It has really been amazing to me and I have enjoyed my experiences so far. Within the last few months, I have also (re)discovered my love for yoga…and boy, has that changed my life in more than one way.

I’ve been asked how I balance it all: work, personal life, CrossFit, yoga. Well, it’s not easy. When my shift starts at 5:30am, I’ve had to start dragging my butt out of bed to get into work extra early to fit in my yoga practice. At first it was really tough to do so, but now I don’t know how I ever started my day without it. Yoga has various benefits to your overall health, and for me personally, it’s help start my day on a stress-free note. My life moves super fast, so this helps me slow down, connect with my breath and be extremely present. It’s just me and my mat.

One of the BIGGEST things though that I’ve seen with my regular practice was how it’s made me even stronger in CrossFit. Oh, and how CrossFit has actually made me stronger in yoga. These two complement each other FABULOUSLY. All of you that do CrossFit, TRY YOGA MEOW! And thank me later :)

CrossFit, and even weight lifting in general, can really help you in your yoga practice as well. Think how much longer you could hold chaturanga…or even an arm balance like crow? Or how you’ll be able to hold a headstand longer because your core is stronger? I’m serious. I have seen such an amazing difference in how I feel in both CrossFit and yoga. Below I listed some amazing reasons why you should include both (and when I saw CrossFit, you can look at it as weight lifting):


1. Balance in general will improve. Balance in yoga is essential. Whether you’re working on a hard headstand or forearm stand, or holding your ground in Warrior II, balance plays a huge part. In CrossFit, you use balance in lifting pretty much nearly everything. This goes hand-in-hand with the next point…about your core…

2. Yup…your core. Your core becomes stronger by doing abs, yes, but when you focus on the total body like CrossFit does, you aren’t just working your “abs” but your ENTIRE CORE. This translates to lifting stronger and having better balance. And then when it comes to yoga, holding plank or chaturanga will give you a strong core, but also working on 1-leg balance poses (think Warrior III, half moon or eagle), will be amazing core-strengtheners as well. 

3. Upper body strength will increase. I remember when I first started CrossFit I couldn’t do one freakin’ pull-up. Now I can crank out tons, and add weight to them too. And this didn’t happen with just working on pull-ups. Because we are constantly working our upper body in a workout session, your muscles are getting stronger, especially those required for pull-ups. Bring this into yoga, and because your upper body gets stronger from weight lifting, your chaturangas are stronger and arm balances become easier. Slowly but surely my arms are becoming straighter in crow…maybe one day I’ll be able to do crane!! WHAT WHAT!

4. You’ll become more flexible. Let’s be honest, how tough is it to squat when you’re hamstrings or calves are tight. Getting in the “hole” of a squat becomes that much more of an issue. Once you incorporate any flexibility training in your workouts, you find that it becomes so much easier. Front rack position on a clean or a front squat? No problem when you’re flexible. Yoga will really help with your mobility and flexibility, and this will translate into your weight lifting program.


Now that you’ve seen some reasons why they are a “match made in heaven,” I want to share some of my favorite poses that have helped me in CrossFit.


1. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend) -

  • Stretches the hamstrings, calves, and hips
  • Strengthens the thighs and knees

2. Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose/Butterfly stretch/Groin stretch) -

  • Stretches the inner thighs, groins, and knees

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog) -

  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands
  • Strengthens the arms and legs

4. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana II (One-legged King Pigeon Pose II/hip flexor & guad stretch/couch stretch) -

  • Stretches the entire front of the torso, the ankles, thighs and groins, abdomen and chest, and throat
  • Stretches the deep hip flexors (psoas)
  • Strengthens back muscles



5. Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One-Legged King Pigeon Pose/affectionately called “pigeon”/hip stretch) -

  • Stretches the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest and shoulders, and neck
  • Opens the shoulders and chest

There a ton more but I could probably talk for days on what poses do what, and what helps what muscle group, but those are my top five.

Hope you all enjoyed my post, and oh! Hint hint…there may be a little competition headed your way. Respond to this post with what you’d LOVE to see!! Most likely will have prizes from Oakley Women…. When are you most in need of motivation for a workout challenge or program? How long would you want it to go for?

Your trainer,


Be healthy. Feel alive.


Putting together a 4-person team for this competition was a no-brainer. Actually, that was our team name too ;) This was my third competition in the SuperFit series, and I can say hands-down that this was one of the coolest experiences thus far. My team was composed of myself, my husband, and two of our friends. As the date got closer and closer, I became more and more nervous. Not surprised. My goal was to get a ton of sleep leading up to the event, because nerves tend to keep my awake at night. I took it light in my workouts leading up to the event, of which I’m glad, because we all expected to make it to the final workout…which means FOUR workouts total in one day.

We traveled down to Roanoke with 3 other teams from our gym. Took off from work early to get a head start, so we can do early check-in at the gym too and have some time to relax before the craziness of the event began. My friend, Timmy, knew Roanoke pretty well, so he showed us around that night and took us to an awesome place for dinner. We went up to the star that I’ve only ever seen from a distance, lit up on the mountain, so it was pretty cool to see that up close.


We went to bed early that night, as we were exhausted from the trip, but that only meant too that we’d be well-rested for the next day.


Woke up, pretty much was a nervous wreck. Again, not really surprised. I basically need to do the first event and then I’m ok. We got to the gym and set up camp with the rest of the teams from our gym, heard the briefing for the first workout and got ourselves ready.

Workout #1
*200 double unders must be done as a buy-in, then the remainder of time you worked with your team to find your 1RM for the snatch complex: 1 full snatch, 1 hang snatch, 2 overhead squats.

I was nervous about how much weight I could pull. My 1RM for hang snatch was only 100#, and my snatch was only 108#. So hitting 100 seemed like it would be SUPER difficult for me. I knew that the competition got my adrenaline going, so I knew that would be a boost that I would need to help the team. After the workout started, my husband started the double-unders, and then it was my turn…and wow…I struggled. Normally I have NO issues on them, but today I just couldn’t find my rhythm. Some days you have it, some days you don’t. I just hoped that it would not be an issue all day with my struggling to workout…. As we finished it was me first on the barbell. I started with 85# because I knew I could hit that no problem. I worked with just Holly, and my husband and our other friend, David, worked together. Holly started at 90#. Somehow in the craziness of adding weights to the bar, I skipped right over hitting 95# and jumped from 90# to 100# without even realizing. Glad I did, because both mine and Holly’s last attempt was at 105#, and we both nailed it. Hit a PR in the process on hang snatch. So exciting! As a total, we lifted 490#. After that workout, we came in 5th.


Workout #2
*At the top of every minute, you had to complete a 100m row and 10T2B consecutively. For the remainder of the minute, you must complete as many front squats as you could.

This one took us forever to get the order right. We had planned a weird rotation thing, but we realized that if Holly and I just split up the T2B which we were the strongest at, and the guys took over the rower, we could transition SO MUCH FASTER. Holly started off on the T2B and did 5 reps. I jumped on right after and completed the last 5. The guys rotated each round who would start on the rower. This one was a QUAD KILLER. I hit around 10-11 reps each time I hopped on the bar and knocked them out as fast as I could with what time I was allotted. We had a great rotation going and I’m so happy for how well we did. In total, we did 331 reps as a team. After this workout, we were still in 5th.

Workout #3
*Each team member must complete this couplet of shoulder-to-overhead and over-the-bar hand-release burpees. Only 1 man and 1 woman can work at a time. Once they are done, the next two can jump in.

To say that this workout wanted to make me pass out and die would be an understatement. Ok…well, not actually die, but crawl into a corner and cry ;) This was a killer. In the middle of this workout, I could barely feel my right arm, so pushing out of the burpees became a real struggle. Basically, I knew my arm was there, but it was so unstable and a little numb, that I really wasn’t sure how fast I was going or if I was even moving it. The score was the total amount of time it took to complete the workout, so my time was added to Holly’s time, and then the girls’ times were added with the guys’ times. It took us a total of 14:18 minutes. That was one of the hardest workouts I had done in a while. So unassuming, yet so difficult. Our result though, put us in 3rd place, and we were headed to the final workout of the day.

4 Workout Killer – Fran, Isabel, Grace, and Diane
*Each member picked a workout, once Fran was done, then Isabel can start. Once Isabel was over, Grace could start…etc etc.

Going into this workout we had a great plan. I would hit Grace, because clean and jerk is really good for me. Holly would hit Diane. David would get Isabel since his snatches were on point, and my husband would get Fran. Then as we walked to our spot, we had that OH CRAP moment. We only had 1 girl bar  and 1 guy bar. That meant we needed more strategy because changing plates take time, and since each weight was different for the events, we could waste precious time switching it around. It was going to be Chris, David, me, Holly, but then we needed to go guy-girl-guy-girl. Chris stayed on Fran, which was 21-15-9 of Thrusters and Pull-ups. The weight was lower for the scaled division at 65#. Once he finished, Holly started on Isabel, which was 30 snatches. The snatch weight was 75#. Both of them killed the workout. David went with Grace, which was 30 clean and jerks. I think his weight was 115#, and he nailed that workout. I walked by my barbell and as soon as I got the go-ahead I picked up that barbell and knocked out the deadlifts…yes, I was doing Diane. 21-15-9 of Deadlifts and Hand-Release Push-ups. For the RX division and the normal workout, you are supposed to do handstand push-ups, but luckily I did not have to do those on that day. I went completely unbroken for that entire workout. I’m not sure how fast it took me, it seemed like only a minute, and I am not even sure I took one breath at all. The shot below is me finishing and my team cheering. We finished all four workouts in 10:14.

SuperFit 4


We didn’t make the podium (we ended up missing out on it by just a couple of points, but we were 4th place!), but we made memories that will last forever. It was an incredible day, not only with my team, The No Brainers, but with everyone who showed up from our gym, CrossFit Manassas and brought their 100% effort and dedication. It’s amazing being around such strong and confident people at competitions like this. I am so proud of my teammates. We all showed up and gave it our best, which is all anyone could ask for really, but we really came together and crushed this one. I don’t doubt that The No Brainers will be back in action. Once you do one, you’re hooked. I plan on doing this for life, and can’t wait for my next one.

SuperFit3 The No Brainers







Be healthy. Feel alive.

Good morning/afternoon/evening! I hope whenever you are reading this, you have been having a beautiful day!

As I’ve been moving deeper and deeper into my yoga practice, I’ve started creating my own flows. Today you all get to have my very first one. It took me around 35:00, but depending on how long you use in the beginning during your seated meditation and how long you use at the end during savasana and your ending meditation…it may take longer. That’s totally ok too. Design it as your own practice. If you cannot do a specific asana (“pose”), then sit in child’s pose (picture below) and continue on to the next thing. Find a quiet space, free of distractions. Come to a seated position on your mat, and follow below:

Seated meditation
– one hand on your belly, one hand on your heart
– set your intentions
– spend as much time as you want here, I sat here for 5:00
Seated forward fold
– walk hands to the right, center, left
– back to center, and fold forward more
Cat Cow 8x
Sun Salutations 6x
Downward Dog to Warrior II (Vira II)
Ardha Chandrasana/Half Moon Pose
Back to Warrior II to Warrior III (with airplane arms)
Downward Dog
*repeat on other side, starting with Warrior II with other leg forward
Downward Dog
Jump feet forward between hands
Inhale up to mountain pose
Chair twist (both sides)
Jump back to chaturanga, updog, downward dog
Warrior II to reverse warrior to Warrior II to triangle
*repeat on the other side from downward dog, then other foot forward
Malasana (deep squat)
Bakasana (crow) — this is more advanced, so if you can’t get into this position, that’s ok
Low front lunge and twist
Jump switch to other leg
Crow to extending 1-leg (Eka Pada Koundlyasana II)
3-legged downward dog
Wild Thing
Transition to side plank on hand (if you want to stay here, stay, otherwise, you can do some variations like knee bent and foot flat on bottom leg or grab big toe and extend top leg up…keep your gaze toward the ceiling)
*repeat on other side from 3-legged downward dog with other leg
Come to a seated position, and then lie on your back
Bring your knees to your chest/Apasana
Twist one leg across body, extend arms to form “T” (do both sides)
Ananda Balasana/Happy Baby Pose
– take as much time as you want here, scan your body and release any tension you might find and breathe deeply
– feel free to do more meditation at the end

wild thing

Hope you enjoyed this flow! This was the first one I created. Many of you may not know the names of the poses, so feel free to use Google to find them. There will be many more to come.

CaitlinBe healthy. Feel alive.

Tasty Tuesday

Good day everyone!

I wanted to share a great and QUICK and EASY recipe for you. If you’re looking for a way to “spice” up your chicken, you’ll love this dry rub. It’s super easy to prepare, and then you just cook your chicken how you want to!

Ingredients (Use equal parts):
– garlic powder
– onion powder
– oregano
– freshly ground black pepper
– paprika
– chili powder

I made some chicken the other night with this, and it came out deliciously! ;) I needed to change it up from my normal marinades and my normal toppings, and this hit the spot. Depending on how much chicken you have to cook, you will use more or less of the ingredients. I just eye-balled mine!


Be healthy. Feel alive.

I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team,
I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual,
is the ultimate champion.
~Mia Hamm

This past weekend I had the pleasure of competing in my 2nd competition since starting CrossFit. This time, instead of it being an individual competition, I had a partner. Just like last time, I had nerves leading up to the day, and even the morning of. I knew what to expect, what the workouts were going to be, and my partner and I had some plans for how we were going to hit the workouts. But here’s my little recap of how the day played out:

The Morning Of:
I didn’t sleep as well as I had hoped, so I woke up a little sleepy. I got most of my stuff together and headed down to breakfast with my husband. We met our friend and enjoyed a good breakfast. It was hard to eat, because my stomach was bothering me a bit. Totally all nerves. Athlete check-in was at 8am that morning, so basically as soon as I got back to the hotel room after eating, I had to get all our stuff together and head over to the convention center. Thankfully, it was right next door, so I didn’t have to go far!


The First Workout:
7 Minutes for you and your partner to work up to a max on a clean complex
1 Clean
2 Hang Cleans
We had an okay plan for this one. We knew where we wanted to start going into the day, but that all changed. Looking back, I wish I started at a heavier weight. I started at 105, and I knew I could do that no problem. I didn’t warm up well at all. There should be a competition for who gets to warm up prior to the heats, because I literally had to fight for a bar. I was worried that because I didn’t warm up properly I wouldn’t get to where I wanted during the 7 minutes, so I chose to start lighter to make sure I had my confidence in the ability to get that weight up. It was probably a smart move to not load more on the bar for my first lift, but I knew I could’ve gone up higher. I ended up hitting 125 for my max, and that felt easy. I tried 135, but couldn’t get under my first clean. My partner ended up lifting 205, and almost finished with 225. We finished with 330# total lifted.

Workout 1 Workout 1a

Workout 1b

Workout 1c

Workout 1e

Workout 1f

The Second Workout:
10 Minute AMRAP
At the top of each minute, must complete 10 TTB.
Fill the rest of the minute with as many OHS as you can (male scaled weight – 95#, female scaled weight – 65#)
My partner and I had a plan going into this workout. I do all the TTB (toes-to-bar), then he hops on his barbell and does 20 seconds of OHS (overhead squats), and then I go for another 10 seconds or so with my OHS, and before the time is up he gets back on his barbell as I’m walking over to the pull-up bar to continue with the TTB. I was mentally and physically prepared to do 100 TTB this day, but at the athlete briefing, they were talking about how the day prior there was a lot of hands that were ripping, so they halved the TTB to 5 reps on the top of each minute. I did a happy dance. People saw. I was so happy that it was all I needed to do. I was prepared, like I said, but 50 reps of TTB during this workout is a lot better than 100! I ended up being the first person off the bar each time, according to my husband, which was great because it gave us maximum amount of time to get our OHS completed. It was hard after a while to keep a good pace on the OHS as they are super tiring (just requires so much muscle activation), but we gave it our best. I might have done more than say 10 seconds of work on those, but I was okay with it, and was more than happy to put my share of the work in on this workout. We ended up doing 122 reps total. Afterwards, my forearms were numb. So much grip work, and I was just in pain. Thankfully my friends are awesome and helped me recover from that in no problem. They massaged my forearms and used VooDoo wrap to help them recover and get the blood flowing again in them. I was good to go in no time…especially since I had another workout to prepare for.

Workout 2

Workout 2a

Workout 2b

Workout 2c

Workout 2d

Workout 2e

The Third, and Final, Workout:
8 Minute Time Cap
120 Double Unders
60 Lateral Over the Bar Hand-Release Burpees
30 Pull-Ups
15 Snatches (male scaled weight – 95#, female scaled weight – 65#)
I think this workout I was the most nervous for. I knew I had to do most of the work (all of the double-unders, all of the pull-ups), so I really didn’t want to let my partner down. Like my last workout in the individual competition back in December, I went balls to wall. I knew I needed to give it my all in this one — for myself, for my partner, for everyone there supporting. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but I knew that whatever happened, I was going to be okay with the outcome. Little did I know that we would have like the entire gym cheering us on… :) When I heard the countdown, “3, 2, 1 GO!” I started jump roping. I only hit 13 unbroken. I thought to myself, oh crap, this is not good. I normally can string 50 plus together. After I shook the bad thoughts from my head, I ended up getting to 70 reps. I took a mental break knowing I still had to get 50 more. I can’t remember how much I strung together after that, but I knew the rope hit my feet with like 4 left, and I just got right back on it and cranked the rest of them out. My partner then started first on the burpees, and as soon as he stepped away for a break, I hit them. We tried going for 6 reps each, but towards the end it was hard to keep that. Totally fine to me, we just needed to get it done and we did! Then it was my turn on the pull-up bar. I knew I could string together a lot, but after everything I had done from the beginning of the day up until that point was wearing on me. My arms were so tired. I remember hitting about 8 and dropping from the bar, then getting back up and getting maybe 4 more and thinking to myself “OH MY GOSH! I’M NOT EVEN HALFWAY!” This is where I was so grateful and thankful for the judge we got (Nic, if you’re reading this, you are seriously amazing!). He pushed me through those pull-ups and kept talking to me the whole time. It was EXTREMELY encouraging. He was honestly the only person I could hear. Everything and everyone else was tuned out. I was also extremely happy I never got no-repped. Didn’t want to waste that energy! I remember hitting that last pull-up and Nic ran over to my partner, and I just dropped to the ground. I was physically spent. I picked my head up to find my partner doing the snatches, and looked over at the clock noticing we had less than a minute to complete them. We had to finish. We had to. I had another wave of energy race through me, and I ran over to our platform, stood in a circle with all the judges that started to cheer him on (I swear there was like 5 or 6 other people there cheering him on). I don’t say much, but I said one thing at the right time to my partner…”Don’t put down that barbell.” He did all 15 snatches unbroken, and we finished the workout in 7:58. I wanted to jump on him. I know I jumped in the air and seriously was almost brought to tears. I knew he had it in him. And talk about teamwork. I was elated. I am still kind of on a high from that workout. Just the feeling it left me.

Workout 3

Workout 3a

Workout 3b

Workout 3c

Workout 3d

I knew going into this weekend we were not going to place. I knew going into this weekend we weren’t going to get on the podium. But we came together as a team, and competed for each other. That is what this is all about to me. That is why I love CrossFit so much. I am so proud of my partner. So this goes out to you, Noble! Thank you for being an amazing teammate!


We left that weekend with a 16th place standing. I am honestly very happy with that result. The other teams that went did so well too. I am so proud of everyone and all the hard work that they put in to not only get to the competition, but all the hard work they put in on Sunday. CrossFit Manassas is a 2nd family to me. I am so thankful to have shared this weekend with them. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. If any of you read this, I love you all. Thank you for your unwavering support and love.


In union there is strength.  ~Aesop




This is my altar when I first started meditating. It has evolved into more to this date.

As much as I would LOVE to meditate outside in nature every day, it’s not always easy. But I did find a space within my own home. Here are some tips that helped me find my own space:

  • Find a spot with the fewest distractions. Eliminate the clutter so you can focus on your meditation. Tuck it out of the way so someone doesn’t barge in on you when you’re sitting.
  • Place it away from your work. If you work from home and work at a desk, keep it out of sight and mind. Shut off your phone.
  • Pick a quiet spot. Find a place in your house where you can sit without much noise pollution. I sit in the back of my house, in a little corner of my bedroom. No road noise, no TV noise. It’s very peaceful.
  • Find a spot that’s not too dark but also not too light. If you are a little sleepy, add more light. If you are excited, tone down the light.
  • Have fresh air to breathe. I sit next to a window so 1) I can control the light with the blinds, and 2) I can open the window and let some fresh air in. It’s also super nice to hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees.


In my space, I also set up an altar. For many people, they associate altar with, say…being an altar boy, or an altar in a church and at weddings or funerals. For this purpose, I use the word “altar” to refer to a collection of objects with special meanings that inspire your meditation. If you’re a Christian, you can include a Cross or a picture of Jesus; if you’re a Jew, you can include a holy book or the Star of David; if you’re a Buddhist, you can include a statue of Buddha. You get the gist. :) And if you have no particular religious inclinations, you can fill your altar with a few stones, candles, potted plants, incense, etc. Although it’s not essential, it can be a creative way to express your inner life and reflect your values and beliefs. Looking at your altar before you meditate can help remind you why you’re here: to develop concentration, relax yourself, and open your heart.

The biggest thing that I love about my space is that it fills me with such a sense of calm and inner peace. You can meditate anywhere really, but  creating that space in your home where you can escape from the craziness and busy world, you will truly be thankful for it.



Go Red for Women!

Good morning beautiful people! I wanted to spread the word on something very dear to me. Today isn’t technically the national “Go Red for Women” day but we are celebrating it at work and encouraged everyone to wear red today to spread awareness of heart disease in women. It is the number one killer of women (even more than all types of cancer combined), and one in three women will die from it. That’s about one woman every minute. These are super sobering statistics. Thanks to Go Red for Women for raising the awarness and teaching women about the early signs of CVD (cardiovascular disease), and are seeking treatment. They are helping women change their lifestyles for the better so they can live longer, stronger, and healthier lives.

I urge everyone to check out the link below that connects you with Go Red for Women, where you can learn all about heart disease.

Go Red for Women – Learn More!

Spread the word, and wear red today!





Tasty Tuesday

I need to tell you something amazing that I just discovered. I am in no way being paid for this post either. I just have to tell you about this product because it really is that awesome.


At first I was intrigued by the name, because, as all you readers know…I’m in love with Hawaii. Aloha is a company that makes this dried green juice called The Daily Good. It is a whole-food powder that is made by pureeing whole foods, then drying them to maintain the nutrients. It’s all natural, nothing artificial. And it’s delicious. Check out the ingredient list below:
31f21c35126cd574b485e7a7daf599b4Click on the link above to get your free sample (you only have to pay for shipping)! You can put it in water, or you can make a smoothie with it.

This company truly aligns with everything that I believe in. Let share with you a little bit more about the company:

“ALOHA means ‘sharing the breath of life.’ At ALOHA, we believe that with each breath comes
a new opportunity to live a balanced life. “
- Nourish: Nutrition fuels your mind, body, and soul to ensure that you perform at peak levels.
- Move: It’s simple — exercise makes you look and feel better from the inside out.
- Relax: In a culture that is always moving, it’s important that we take time to stop and relax, physically and mentally.
- Connect: Connecting with others is tied to stress reduction, improved heart health, boosted immunity, and heightened self-esteem.
- Think: A healthy mind is often the first step to a healthy body — you can’t have one without the other.

I have connected with the company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and I’m so happy to spread the word about this amazing product. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen the recipe I posted using The Daily Good. I’ve placed it below:

the daily good

- 1 packet of The Daily Good
- banana
- 2 cups vanilla Blue Diamond Almond Milk
- handful of frozen strawberries

1. Place all ingredients in your blender.
2. Blend until smooth.
3. Enjoy the green goodness!

I urge you to try it, and as they say “Join the movement towards a healthier, happier life.”



Healthy breathing involves opening and expanding your chest and your belly. Think about our culture for a second…we really value small bellies and big chests, right? Well, by “sucking in” all the time it limits the amount of life-enhancing oxygen we receive, and basically stresses our abdominals and diaphragm out by “holding your breath” all the time.


Try this meditation and breathing exercise:

1. Sit comfortably, either on the ground with legs crossed or upright in a chair. Whatever position it is, be comfortable. Make sure you can sit that way for at least 5 minutes.
– How are you breathing? Does your belly feel constricted? What parts of your body expand and which parts do not?
2. Make a conscious effort to expand your belly when you breathe.
3. Breathe deeply and slowly into your belly.
– Notice how your body feels and reacts to this change in your breathing pattern.
4. Continue breathing this way for 5 minutes, and then breathe naturally.
– What differences do you notice? How do your abs feel? Do you feel more energized? More calm?

Practice this regularly, like once a day, because it can be extremely useful if you’re stressed or anxious. Your breathing will naturally constrict, but once you start belly breathing and continue doing the exercise above…well…you tell me what happens :)



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